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Service Positions

  • Energy Savings Outreach Associate (2 positions) (Download PDF)
    • The primary responsibility of the Energy Savings Outreach Associate will be to plan, organize, manage and conduct community education and outreach activities in rural Appalachian communities in western North Carolina—communities served by rural electric cooperatives. Such activities will include and/or require: group and individual education and outreach (including providing presentations and workshops); planning and managing outreach activities in our respective target communities; volunteer outreach and management; development and distribution of print and digital materials; publishing relevant blogs and newsletters; managing other social media activities that support and promote the campaign; and assisting in development of volunteer outreach and management strategy for distribution of The Appalachian Voice, Appalachian Voices news periodical. The overall purpose of such activities will be to expand awareness and understanding of the need for and benefits of residential energy efficiency improvements and to generate awareness of and demand for “on-bill” energy efficiency finance programs to be developed by rural electric cooperatives in western North Carolina.

  • Volunteer Coordinator (Download PDF)
    • No other job will have you in a classroom in the morning, a canoe that afternoon and in a meeting with a local official that evening. You will have the ability and resources to create new programs / projects that will enrich our community for many years to come. Asheville GreenWorks is the most active environmental non-profit in Western NC. We host over 3k volunteers through over 200 projects annually.  This is an exceedingly physical job that will have you leading an army of willing volunteers to protect preserve and enhance our urban environment.

  • Sustainability Coordinator (Download PDF)
    • Encourage and facilitate environmentally-centered sustainability programs that will enhance Western North Carolina’s communities. Foster and coordinate new concepts for sustainability programming themes and identify materials and resources to supplement, expand or replace existing sustainability programming, i.e. composting, recycling, waste and litter prevention. 

      Lead groups of volunteers to manage public recycling events and water quality initiatives. Support the Youth Environmental Leadership Program in climate justice and sustainability concepts. Engage and serve diverse communities to create the next generation of environmentalists. Create programs centered around sustainable practices that will enrich Asheville / Buncombe for many years to come.

  • Program Coordinator (Download PDF)
    • This position is focused on our Community and Farm Tour Programs, including planning, marketing and implementation.  In addition, the Program Coordinator develops the Homegrown Workshop Series, which offers hands-on activities including cooking, bread making, gardening, having animals on the homestead and more.  The Program Coordinator works on Greening My Plate Month, a collaborative effort to promote local food through a series of activities in April each year.  This position coordinates cooking demonstrations at the local Farmers Markets and other events and coordinates tabling at a variety of events.  This position also supervises up to 4 Interns.  This position will Interact with the CRAFT Coordinator, the Community of Gardens Coordinator and the CSA Coordinator to gain knowledge and experience in those programs.

  • Trails Associate (Download PDF)
    • CMLC Trails Associate will assist in the advancement and promotion of public outdoor recreation trails on land conserved and/or managed by CMLC or its partners. Member will construct and steward publicly-accessible trails in CMLC's service region in coordination with staff, volunteers, project partners, and landowners. Member will also promote public trails and conserved lands through recreation outreach  programs including leading guided hikes and management of self-guided hiking program.

  • Community Outreach Associate (Download PDF)
    • CMLC Outreach & Education Associate will raise awareness and increase visibility of CMLC’s conservation efforts and the importance of land and water conservation among its supporters, the community, and region. Member will develop and implement opportunities for conservation education including presentations, lessons and lectures, print and online communications, media outreach, and community events. Member will seek to involve all members of the community and strive to educate about, and demonstrate the relevancy of, CMLC's land and water conservation mission, natural resource protection, public recreation initiatives, and broader community engagement. This position will strive to improve public exposure of CMLC and its conservation mission as well as enable it to be better understood and more available and tangible to the entire community.

  • Stewardship Associate (Download PDF)
    • The member in this position will work with CMLC’s Natural Resources Manager to implement management work on over 4,000-acres of Conservancy-owned land. The member will be working independently on projects, and partner with the volunteer associate, to conduct volunteer workdays for tasks such as pollinator meadow plantings, stream restoration, and Hemlock preservation. The Stewardship Associate will work with Land Protection and Stewardship Staff to educate prospective conservation landowners on good stewardship practices.

  • Volunteer & Community Engagement Associate (Download PDF)
    • Coming Soon!

  • Habitat Restoration Associate (Download PDF)
    • The Habitat Restoration Associate will work with CMLC staff to manage forested habitat on public lands throughout CMLC’s service region. The member will be focused on coordinating invasive species removal projects and workdays in the Hickory Nut Gorge through CMLC’s WACHNG program. Additionally, the member will engage and educate the community by coordinating and managing citizen science programs, community presentations, and workshops throughout CMLC’s service region.

  • Outreach & Education Associate (Download PDF)
    • EcoForesters (EF) Outreach & Education Associate will raise awareness and increase visibility of EF’s forestry and conservation education efforts and the importance of positive impact forestry among its supporters, the community, and region. The AmeriCorps member will develop and implement opportunities for forestry and conservation education including forest restoration activities, presentations and lectures, print and online information and media, and community events. Member will seek to involve all members of the community and strive to educate about, and demonstrate the relevancy of, EF's mission including natural resource protection and stewardship, service to landowners and broader community engagement. This position will strive to improve public exposure of EF and its conservation mission as well as enable it to be better understood and more available and tangible to the entire community.

  • Stream Monitoring Coordinator (Download PDF)
    • EQI conducts volunteer chemical and biological stream monitoring in WNC to gather data on regional water quality. The Stream Monitoring Coordinator will recruit and manage volunteers and communicate with citizens and organizational partners through online and print media, meetings, presentations, and outreach events. This position will assist EQI by growing the volunteer base, supporting the collection of reliable environmental data, and disseminating the results to the broader public. The position will also include participation in a wide variety of adult and youth educational events to increase the public’s understanding of stream ecology, local water quality, and citizen science.

  • Environmental Education Associate (Download PDF)
    • The Environmental Education Associate will be responsible for developing and delivering nature and science based lessons to students, typically K-5, both in school settings and in the field at FENCE. The Environmental Education Associate will also assist in our five weeks of summer camp, helping to coordintate and organize educational activities, as well as locating and scheduling guest speakers. This position will also be tasked with coordinating and training volunteers/interns needed to help with educational programs such as in school programs, field trips, and summer camp.

  • Citizen Science Assistant (Download PDF)
    • The Citizen Science Assistant position in Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers a diverse set of opportunities for someone interested in educating the public about the scientific process by involving them in real research.  Research studies cover a wide array of topics including effects of acid deposition on salamanders, lichens, soils, streams and snails; monitoring of ground level ozone effects on sensitive plants and monitoring for the impacts of climate change on park resources.  Audiences include all ages but with a special focus on middle and high school aged children and community volunteers.

  • Environmental Education Assistant (Download PDF)
    • The Environmental Education Assistant position in Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers a diverse set of opportunities for someone interested in sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm of nature with students of all ages. Activities occur both in the park and in area schools and are aligned to the North Carolina K-12 grade curriculum. The primary goal of the education program is to raise awareness and stewardship of the park’s natural and cultural resources through relevant and age appropriate hands-on activities. This position will work with area elementary and middle schools that are currently underserved in park programs. Kindergarten – 2nd grade programs focus on developing sensory awareness, 3rd – 5th grade programs focus on building awareness and knowledge, middle school – high school programs focus on awareness, knowledge and service learning by involving groups in citizen science research programs. This position requires the member to have comfort working with a variety of programs focusing on natural history topics such as salamanders, terrestrial and aquatic invertebrates, biodiversity, and animal and plant adaptations. Locations for programs will occur both in the park and in school classrooms.

  • Outreach & Education Associate (Download PDF)
    • This position will assist the Mills River Partnership in education and outreach activities such as Kids In The Creek with Rugby Middle School field days and other school outreach. The AmeriCorps member will also have the responsibility of planning live stake planting work days and workshops for the community to learn how to stabilize streambanks on their properties. The AmeriCorps will also assist with Public Relations events like the Run To The Taps race at Sierra Nevada as well as other tabling events that promote our organization and clean water. Some website design, newsletters and social media will be a responsibility of this position as well. Planning some educational meetings in the watershed involving other organizations like Soil and Water and the Wildlife Commission. Interacting with landowners on best management practice projects and potentially coordinating volunteers to work on these projects including but not limited to invasive clearing, riparian buffer planting and pollinator habitat planting. Coordinating river clean ups also desired. Opportunity to give presentations to some community groups possible. 

MountainTrue champions healthy forests, clean waters, and resilient communities in Western North Carolina.

  • Forest Keeper Coordinator (Download PDF)
    • The Forest Keeper service position includes a combination of volunteer recruitment and coordination, on-the-ground stewardship on public lands, education, and data management. The position will include opportunities to learn from and network with conservation professionals from a variety of non-profit organizations and government agencies. This service position will require frequent travel and work outdoors to provide an opportunity for the Forest Keeper to become more familiar with the Blue Ridge Mountains. This service position will be supervised by the Ecologist & Public Lands Director and the Public Lands Field Biologist at MountainTrue, both of whom will provide training, support, and guidance.

  • Outings & Education Coordinator (Download PDF)
    • The Outings & Education Coordinator engages MountainTrue members and local residents in environmental protection in Western North Carolina through outings such as hikes and paddle trips, outreach programs and initiatives, and environmental education within the community. The coordinator will also serve as the project lead for educational events including the OLLI Ecology of the Southern Appalachians course and the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. The coordinator will support MountainTrue’s racial equity work by creating programming specifically designed to engage communities of color in environmental conservation. The activities undertaken by this position will inform, inspire, and connect a broad public to the natural world and its delicate and often threatened ecosystems, thereby increasing general support for conservation efforts in our region.

  • Water Quality Administrator (Download PDF)
    • This position encompasses many facets: working with volunteers on many levels (recruiting, training, mentoring, organizing); learning and understanding meaningful ways to connect applied science to community needs at the local level; evaluating, designing, and implementing impactful programming for the betterment of the community and environment; and collaborating with all types of groups, from government agencies to civic organizations, school groups, other nonprofits, and community groups. The member is in charge of communications with the Water Quality Team, administers resources for all WQ-focused programs, and connects with the broader community to solve water quality challenges.

  • Home-Grower Outreach Coordinator (Download PDF)
    • The Home-Grower Outreach Coordinator serves as the education, outreach, and public awareness specialist for our Home-Grower programs in Western NC and as the Volunteer Coordinator for all Organic Growers School (OGS) programs. The purpose of this position is three-fold: 1. to increase the number of people who are successfully growing organically on a home scale, 2. to increase public and community support for home and community-garden growing, and 3. to support the educational activities of OGS through the coordination of volunteers for events, activities, and capacity.


  • Habitat Restoration & Volunteer Coordinator (Download PDF)
    • The AmeriCorps member will provide service in the community to eradicate non-native and invasive species on public land which will restore native habitat and provide public benefit.  The member will organize and train volunteers and help educate the local community about practical techniques that can be used to improve affected properties, resulting in enhanced environmental impact.

  • Agricultural Outreach and Education Associate (Download PDF)
    • Maintain and enhance the Farmland Preservation program including education and outreach to qualifying new landowners, renewing expiring participants, and assist Agricultural Advisory Committee with updating Farm Protection Plan.  Present workshops and community outreach events that highlight sustainable management practices. Member will interact with farmers, citizens and consumers on a daily basis both in and out of the office. Assist with monthly Friends of Agriculture Breakfasts and Annual Farm Tour. Other community education opportunities as deemed appropriate.  Flexibility is incorporated into the position allowing for the member to develop area specific projects that align with mission of this office and Project Conserve.

  • Farm & Consumer Outreach Specialist (Download PDF)
    • Work with Farmers and Agricultural producers to enhance and promote sustainable farming practices, develop consumer awareness strategies and engage the community to support a strong agricultural land use model for future generations. Member will oversee a monthly Friends of Agriculture Breakfast, assist with annual Farm Tour and other community education events as scheduled throughout the year. Member will also plan and coordinate educational workshops/trainings for producers as interest is gauged or new methods of sustainable practices are introduced.  Conducting Farmer and Consumer surveys will also encompass a portion of the member’s responsibility. 

  • Trails Coodinator (Download PDF)
    • AmeriCorps Trails Coordinator will coordinate a countywide partnership with a goal to build and maintain an interconnected trail system. Recruit and train volunteers to accomplish trail goals including trail maintenance and construction workdays, trail and river clean-ups. Outreach to the public and trail partners via the trails website, social media and monthly e-newsletter.

RiverLink’s mission is the economic and environmental revitalization of the French Broad river and its watershed as a destination for everyone to live, learn, work and play.

  • Volunteer Coordinator (Download PDF)
    • The RiverLink volunteer coordinator will work directly with the Watershed Resources Manager and Land Protection Manager to support volunteers needs for leading cleanups, educating, removing invasive species, etc. In addition to metrics such as tires collected, the success of this position is measured by the number and variety of volunteers engaged in river stewardship.

  • Education Coordinator (Download PDF)
    • Primary duties will consist of environmental education and outreach for the public.  This will involve developing lessons for school groups, water quality lessons in the creek (Project WET and other curriculum) and the use of interactive technology to facilitate learning.  There will also be lessons and training outside of the classroom for summer camps and the general public.

  • Watershed Resources Coordinator (Download PDF)
    • The Watershed Resources Coordinator works directly with RiverLink's Watershed Resources Manager to improve water quality in the French Broad River Watershed. This is accomplished through grant funded watershed restoration projects (stream restorations, watershed planning studies, and stormwater best management practices); educating the community about water quality and quantity issues; land protection and stewardship of wetland, riparian and steep slope areas; and building stewardship of the river and watershed through improving the French Broad River Paddle Trail (river access, overnight camping, and dam portages). In this position, you will assist with grant writing, project management, community outreach and engagement, as well as land protection and stewardship.

  • Land Protection & Education Associate (Download PDF)
    • This position will provide support to the Land Protection Director and Farmland Program Director to respond to landowners who contact SAHC inquiring about land conservation, educate those landowners about their conservation options, analyze land projects with SAHC staff, and work with landowners and staff to pursue conservation projects that satisfy SAHC's project selection criteria.  This position will also provide the member with experience in strategic planning and conducting land conservation projects for both pristine wilderness properties and agricultural projects. The AmeriCorps member will educate landowners about the conservation project early in the process to help their decision-making, and throughout the due diligence and closing steps. As challenges arise, the AmeriCorps may provide education by researching specific issues unique to the project that help resolve the issue. The proposed position will support Project Conserve's long-term goals of increasing community understanding and support for conservation by educating landowners about the tools and process of permanently protecting natural and agricultural land.

  • Conservation Education & Volunteer Outreach Associate (Download PDF)
    • The Member will be instrumental in recruiting and managing volunteers for at-risk ecosystem improvement on SAHC properties, enhance SAHC's outreach program by expanding educational outreach opportunities with partnering organizations and businesses by recruiting volunteers, planning and organizing 24-30 diverse hike and educational outings, and educating the community about the importance and necessity of our land conservation program.  The position will enable the Member to build initiative and strategic experience in developing public educational programs with our community farm and food project – Access to Land, Livelihood, and Learning.

  • Stewardship & Volunteer Associate (2 positions) (Download PDF)
    • This position will provide support to the Stewardship & Conservation Planning Director and SAHC stewardship staff to educate conservation landowners by monitoring conservation properties and assessing properties and their conservation values through preparation of detailed baseline documentation reports and land management plans.  The position will prepare tailored reports educating property landowners of their property and management recommendations for at-risk ecosystems; develop educational resources for conservation easement landowners and assess impact of resources provided; and recruit volunteers and lead volunteer workdays to educate workday participants and enhance at-risk ecosystems.

  • Citizen Science Educator (Download PDF)
    • This position is great for environmental education enthusiasts with a passion for working with children and doing field research! The purpose of this position will be to assist with citizen science education efforts at The North Carolina Arboretum. The AmeriCorps member will primarily be responsible for delivering citizen science programming by educating students of various ages and backgrounds including leading environmental field trip programs, off-site outreach programs in Western NC schools, assisting with seasonal family events, leading afterschool programs and leading environmental awareness-based programs for our summer day camps.  Additionally, the Citizen Science Specialist will supervise, recruit, retain and train a core of volunteers for data collection at the NC Arboretum and will assist in the care and maintenance of all live collections.

  • Trails Coordinator (Download PDF)
    • Coordinate a countywide partnership with a goal to build and maintain an interconnected trail system. Recruit and train volunteers to accomplish trail goals including trail maintenance and construction workdays, trail and river clean-ups. Outreach to the public and trail partners via social media, websites and enews.

  • HRI Stewardship and Volunteer Engagement Associate (Download PDF)
    • The purpose of the HRI Stewardship and Volunteer Engagement Associate position is to assist the HRI Coordinator to increase the capacity of the HRI to reach a larger audience, to educate, engage and empower more community members and groups to participate in hemlock conservation, and to increase the number of eastern and Carolina hemlock trees currently receiving protection from HWA.